Hey There!

My name is Lea, and I am a Full-Stack developer and lover of all things web. I'm a detail oriented developer with over 6 years experience working with LAMP stack enterprise level content managament system.

I'm currently re-working my online portfolio, but you can take a look at my online resume here.

If you would like to discuss a potential project, have a question, or just want to say hello please don't hesitate to contact me!

Lea Rickert

Lea Rickert

Full Stack Developer

Sarasota, FL

Searching for the opportunity to bring 6+ years experience with programming, and web development to a new position. I hope to enhance a small team with my self motivation, dedication, and detail oriented nature. I also look forward to improve and expand my development skills with more modern techniques and practices.

Work Experience
Accrisoft Corporation, Sarasota FL— Full Stack Developer
October 2012 - PRESENT

Developed and improved the companies Association Management Software. Agile Work environment using SCRUM. Knowledge working with legacy code bases and improving them using common refactor techniques.

Accrisoft Corporation, Sarasota FL— Technical Support
May 2012 - Oct 2012

Assigned and fixed issues as they came into support. Answer customer questions and issues via email and phone. Updated knowledge base and maintained ticket backlog.

University of Tampa, Tampa FL— Bachelor of Arts
August 2008 - May 2012

New Media Productions Major with a minor in Information Systems and Technology. Interdisciplinary, covering the departments or communications, art, writing, music and information systems

Skills and Technical Experience
PHP 8 years

Primary programming experience. Extensive knowledge with large legacy codebases, APIs, classes. Clear undertanding of security concerns and debugging techniques.

MySQL 7 years

Experience with complex queries including the use of joins, views, sub selects.

SCRUM 2 years

I'm currently working in 2 week sprints. Familiar with Jira software to manage SCRUM workflwo

HTML 9 years

CSS/ SASS 9 years

Javascript/Jquery 8 years

Experience with DOM manipulation and ajax calls with native JS and frameworks such as jQuery. Consumed JS APIs such as TinyMCE, DataTables, Raphael and More

Unix Terminal / CLI / APACHE / SSH4 years

Undertanding of ssh keys and ssh tunnels. Manage Vhosts, and other apache files. Create and run basic bash scripts.

VirtualBox/Vagrant/Docker 4 years

Have built VirtualBox machines from scratch and through the help of Vagrant. Currently use Docker for local development.

Rest APIs 4 years

Consumed commerce APIs such as Authorize.net CIM, PayPal, Square Connect. Google Analytics reporting.
Built internal Rest APIs for companies private use.